Here is my updated wants-list for this year´s SSS!

"Pokemon Yurutto" Dedenne plush charm

"Little Tales" cup or drawstringbag (only need one of them)
Would love the cup most! (also without the wooden thing which comes with it)

"Spring! Spring!! Spring!!!" notebook (only one of them)

"It´s love demo" bulbasaur acrylic charm                              "Eevui with flowers" Espeon charm

                      "Happy beach time" Alola Raichu and Alola Vulpix keychain

Bandai  Butterfree figure charm           Banpresto Pelipper with Pikachu figure keychain

Alola Raichu Tomy Moncolle gashapon figures

My Art

Here I wanna post pics of the artworks I made!
They´re all mixed-up and includes everything I made - drawings, paintings, sculptures and others.
Enjoy and feel free to comment anything! <3
If you´re interested in a commission you can contact me! Thank you!

Please do not use any pics from here without asking me, thanks!

2013-10-06 00.36.2320150621_152227.jpg

2013-09-01 14.18.042013-07-31 22.45.1620150621_152216.jpg

2013-07-29 17.30.402013-07-28 16.25.532013-07-13 22.45.4920150621_152305.jpg
2013-07-13 22.54.432013-06-20 16.25.4320150601_121547.jpg

2013-06-12 03.36.222013-06-08 19.51.3320140801_11304820140719_153028.jpg